In this course, you will learn about the importance of the two kinds of revelation, general and special. Especially of the great importance of understanding God’s special revelation as given in His holy scriptures. The Bible is no common book.  It is very special because this is how we learn to live in a way that pleases God. This course shows how Jesus and His apostles viewed the Old Testament, and the course demonstrates the great unity in the Bible and its abiding authority for all people of all ages.

Course Creator

John M. Otis
Founder of Triumphant Publications Ministries

John M. Otis graduated from East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN) in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS from 1975-1979, receiving a Master of Divinity degree and a Masters of Christian Education degree. He was ordained in 1979 as a Minister of the Gospel in the PCA. He was the pastor of Coeburn Presbyterian Church in Coeburn, VA from 1982-1987. He transferred to the RPCUS in 1990. In 1995 he was made an evangelist of Covenant Presbytery (RPCUS). In 2005 he was called to full time mission work in Corpus Christi where he served for four and a half years. In 2009 he received a call to the mission work of Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Mission in Burlington, NC. He and his family were there until 2014 when he relocated back to Winder, GA to become a writer of Bible courses with the Reformation Christian Ministries. In 2020 John joined the Vanguard Presbytery, a new reformed presbytery. John and his family currently reside in Auburn, GA.
John is married to the former Christine Weagly, of Columbia, SC. He and his wife have three sons, Jason, Brian and Derrick. John has published various works under Triumphant Publication Ministries. His sermons are available at


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