Throughout the ages — since the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ — the lives of many people have been changed by hearing and responding to “the gospel” (meaning “good news”) of Jesus Christ.

This same gospel still changes lives when God’s Holy Spirit (called the “Holy Ghost” in the King James Version) opens the heart of the one who hears it, causing them to respond to it the way God commands.

This study has been prepared to aid you in sharing the true, biblical gospel with others. When you complete this course, you should get others to take the course so they may also hear this age-old message from God.

This series of studies assumes that you believe in God and respect the Holy Bible as His written Word given to mankind so that you may know what He wants you to know.

In order for you to understand God’s GOOD NEWS (gospel), you need to know a few basic things about WHO GOD IS and WHAT HE IS LIKE. People from around the world believe there is some kind of God — One Who is Lord of all things. They often wonder who God is and would like to know many things about Him.

Before starting, take just a moment to pray to the only True God and ask Him to help you understand the things this Bible study can teach you about Him.


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