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  1. 1. God is holy and perfect.

  2. 2. Explain your answer to the question “Does God need man’s love?” (Choose only ONE.)

    Review Section I if you are in doubt.

  3. 3. God began at Creation.

  4. 4. God is all-powerful.

  5. 5. God is Three Persons, yet One God.

  6. 6. Explain your answer to the question “Is God in everything?” (Choose only ONE and BE VERY CAREFUL.)

    (Review Section H if you are in doubt)

  7. 7. God needs our obedience.

  8. 8. God is always learning.

  9. 9. God is Three Gods, yet One Person.

  10. 10. God is Finite.

  11. 11. Where can we go to get away from God? (Choose only ONE.)

  12. 12. How did God create the heavens and the earth? (Choose only ONE.)

  13. 13. God is love.

  14. 14. When a Christian is baptized, into how many names is he baptized? (Choose only ONE.)

  15. 15. God never changes.

  16. 16. God is eternal.

  17. 17. Which of the following is not something that shows God is a Person? (Choose only ONE.)

  18. 18. Does God need man’s love? (Choose only ONE.)

  19. 19. Who is the beginning of all things? (Choose only ONE.)

  20. 20. God Needs Love.

  21. 21. God Knows Most Things.

  22. 22. God had a wife and a son.

  23. 23. Is there any more than one, true God? (Choose only ONE.)

  24. 24. What kind of Judge is God? (Choose only ONE.)

    (Review Section K.)

  25. 25. From where does a Christian get his love? (Choose only ONE.)

  26. 26. God is like a Santa Claus.

  27. 27. God Knows All Things.

  28. 28. Is God in everything? (Choose only ONE.)

  29. 29. God is truth.

  30. 30. Which of the following things are beyond God’s control? (Choose only ONE.)

    (Review Lesson H if necessary.)

  31. 31. Could God be perfect and yet change His mind? (Choose only ONE.)

  32. 32. God is selfish.

  33. 33. God has a Body.

  34. 34. How many of your thoughts and sins does God know about? (Choose only ONE.)

  35. 35. God is Everywhere.

  36. 36. God cannot control Satan.

  37. 37. Christians are baptized into the name of ___________. (Choose the MOST CORRECT ONE. BE CAREFUL.)

  38. 38. God is all wisdom.

  39. 39. God is the creator.

  40. 40. When God promises to do something, will He do it? (Choose only ONE.)

  41. 41. God is out of control.

  42. 42. God is Spirit.

  43. 43. What punishment does God promise to those who reject Jesus Christ and do not repent of their sins? (Choose only ONE.)

  44. 44. What is the promise that God made to those who believe in Jesus? (Choose only ONE.)

  45. 45. Who will God judge? (Choose only ONE.)

  46. 46. How long did it take for God to make the heavens and earth? (Choose only ONE.)

  47. 47. God is a person.

  48. 48. God is sovereign.

  49. 49. God is superman

  50. 50. God is a judge.

  51. 51. Does God have a body? (Choose only ONE.)

  52. 52. God is faithful and true.

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