The original Good News Bible Study is a no-nonsense, serious Bible course for the person who really wants to know and understand God’s word. You can hear all kinds of “gospels” today, but there is only one true Gospel and that is found in the Scripture. I know, most “gospels” claim to come from the Bible as well, so how can you tell the difference between the many false gospels and the truth? You have to study the Bible for yourself. God holds you accountable for what you believe, not what someone else told you to believe. So you need to study the Scriptures yourself and, with the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, let them be your guide. That is what this Good News Bible Study Basic Course does.

While studying this course, you will be challenged right from the Bible itself concerning what is true and what is false. As you study, if it is truly your desire to know God and know the truth of His Good News (that is what “Gospel” means — Good News), then there is absolutely no question, God will reveal Himself to you.

The author of the course, Geoff Donnan, was once an atheist. He did not believe in God. But there came a point when God placed in him a true desire to know the one and only, true and living God. Through the Bible, God revealed Himself. And in the pages of this Bible course, Geoff has summarized the basic teachings of the Bible that eventually God used to bring to him the Good News, the Gospel.  God can do the same for you if He chooses.

You too can know God, but it will require some changes in you that only God can make. If you are truly desirous of God changing your life and making you a new person with the truth of His Gospel, His Good News, then this course is for you.

This course can now be taken electronically anywhere in the world that has internet access.  There are two more courses in the works that will be made available for free, just like the original course was.  Because of this, the name of the ministry has been changed from Good News Bible Study Ministries to Good News Bible Series.