Good News Basic Course


Includes lifetime access

Course Overview

The original Good News Bible Study in English has now been made available in an electronic format that makes it available around the world where ever there is internet access.

This course is designed to help you understand what God wants you to know about Him, yourself, Jesus Christ, and how you can be right with Him. You have made a very wise decision to enroll in this course. If you diligently study and complete this course,
you will be even wiser.

Upon completion you will receive an electronic certificate commemorating your achievement.

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14 Replies to “Good News Basic Course”

    • Christine Otis
      Christine Otis

      Sorry you had difficulties. We are currently working on updating the connection to the course. I will notify you when that is complete and you can see if you can connect at that time.
      Sorry for the inconvience.

    • Christine Otis
      Christine Otis

      I don’t see that you are enrolled in the Good News Basic Course. We do not have a course called “The Word of God: The Foundation of Knowledge.”

      Let me know if you need assistance getting enrolled.

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